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I am Kate Marlena, an American author, podcaster and narrative therapist. I’m also a mother and ex-pat with past lives as freelance writer and world traveler and before that a Ph.D. candidate, and before that, a Manhattan lawyer.  I’ve always liked to explore physically and metaphorically and write about everything:  art, music, food, people, travel, love and life. I am also a trained narrative therapist and offer services through my website at Restorya Therapy.

In addition to my work on the blog, I host the podcast About Face, focused on stories of personal transformation and healing. You can find more of my professional writing and business podcasting experience at kateleismer.com.

Please feel free to contact me anytime with your comments, questions, outrage, love, really anything at all. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Ms. Clark,

    I am a reporter and I’m interested in getting in touch with you to discuss some of your experiences. Please let me know if this is possible.

  2. Found you via The Daily in their first published issue today. The WOLF will be following your adventures. Christmas eve got my attention! Looking forward to the follow up.

  3. Hello,
    I really liked your essay about being an alcoholic and a mother. I got sober when I was 22 and had my daughter at 26. Once my daughter was born I more or less stopped doing what I was suppose to do to stay emotionally sober. I didn’t drink.. thank God, but I sure did become a tornado in the lives of the people that love me the most. It is astounding to me how many sneaky push ups this lovely disease we have will do when we are not doing doing what we’re suppose to be doing to stay sober (yes, emotionally as well). I thought that since I have the human power that is my daughter and my partner I didn’t need to show up to other alcoholics. Yesterday I was letting something so small take over this obsessive mind of mine that I sat in the back seat of my car and yelled out loud I HATE BEING AN ALCOHOLIC! Recovery, though, has led me to everything that I love, and that is where I have gratitude. I am accepting everyday that my partner and my daughter can’t fill that giant hole in my soul, nor is it there job to do that. Thanks to your article, I was reminded of that.

  4. Your post Things We Cannot Handle brought back so many memories for me. We had a similar experience with our daughter as Americans living in Vienna. The language barrier, cultural differences, and fear of what was to come all came back to me.Thank you for sharing.

  5. Nice to stumble across you today. Your post about your daughter was powerful/well-written. Thank you

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