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1000 Days

Today marks 1000 days of sobriety for me… Yes, that’s 1000 days free of drugs and alcohol, but more – it’s 1000 days, where I chose to be present in my experience, to feel my emotions, to face my problems and my fears, and to be hopeful — even on those days when all I […]

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Things I Never Wanted to Say #MeToo

After the #metoo movement broke, I resisted posting my own “#metoo” echo on social media. I felt this fierce resistance, for several reasons. Firstly, it felt shameful to go into the specifics of things that happened to me. I also wondered, if I couldn’t name the offender- what was the point? Most illuminating though, was […]

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Can You Love Her Too?

A few months ago, a string of events and circumstances left me broken, in one of the lowest points I can remember. When telling stories about ourselves, our minds will locate us in time and space. As we search for meaning, we identify that day when everything turned around, or the moment it all began […]

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