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Making Birth Visible

I always heard childbirth was painful, but before I had my daughter in 2015, I wasn’t entering the room with too much hesitation. Literally billions of women had done this before me—survived and thrived. Also, believing I had a generally high pain threshold, so even if it was worse than I could imagine, I placed […]

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1000 Days

Today marks 1000 days of sobriety for me… Yes, that’s 1000 days free of drugs and alcohol, but more – it’s 1000 days, where I chose to be present in my experience, to feel my emotions, to face my problems and my fears, and to be hopeful — even on those days when all I […]

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Things I Never Wanted to Say #MeToo

After the #metoo movement broke, I resisted posting my own “#metoo” echo on social media. I felt this fierce resistance, for several reasons. Firstly, it felt shameful to go into the specifics of things that happened to me. I also wondered, if I couldn’t name the offender- what was the point? Most illuminating though, was […]

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I’m a Mom. Who Am I Now?

Life after giving birth is a lot like returning home from a long trip. Everything looks different. An old throw blanket might look like something you’ve never seen before. A vase catches the window light in an unfamiliar way. Everything looks too old or too new. Nothing quite fits and there is an unsettling feeling […]

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Why I Announced My Pregnancy Early

There are a lot of social norms around pregnancy, childbirth, and child-rearing that can seem so obvious for a first-time mom, that you don’t question them, as though the path is so well-worn, you can easily find your way by following every mother that came before you. I learned in my first pregnancy that following […]

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Why They Should See You Cry

I’m pregnant and have a two-year-old daughter which means I’m low on energy, high on hormones, and pretty much on the verge of emotional breakdown any given second after I open my eyes each morning. I’ve always tried to keep emotional composure in front of my daughter, even when she was a newborn. I come […]

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A Separate Self

My driver’s license expired a few years ago and it took another year to get reinstated. By the time I got behind the wheel this summer, I hadn’t driven a car since 2014. The experience felt a bit like time travel, throwing me back into all of the days I romanced the road. When I […]

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