About ME

Hi there,

Thanks for reading my blog! I hope you find some amusing, inspiring, and funny stories about life, love, travel, and personal transformation. I am an American writer living in Berlin, Germany after years of traveling abroad.

Residency Visa: I am an immigrant!

I feel like I have lived so many different lives and, hopefully, there are still more to come. I grew up in Seattle, went to high school in Milwaukee, lived in the desert of Tucson and the arctic of Minnesota, worked as a waitress in Boston, a lawyer in Manhattan, and as a burlesque dancer in San Francisco. I wanted to become a medical examiner before I went to law school and once wrote a paper about the illegal trade of human cadavers (called Hot Bodies, and I’m still pretty proud of that title).  I still love true crime stories and follow a lot of podcasts. More on that later…

In 2009, I entered a Ph.D. program at NYU to study American Literature. I loved the subjects, but didn’t want my life to hinge on an academic lifestyle and career trajectory. I decided to abandon the program to freelance full-time. Writing always made the most sense because it gave me the ability to explore all of my interests without feeling limited.

Here’s a snapshot in the burlesquing days:

Throwback to 2011 when I had dreadlocks and learned how to use nipple tassles.

One of the most profound and recent turns in my life was recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, after several attempts at sobriety and relapse. I am also a mother now, a hugely impactful role in my life, but not the main event of my writing. I like to explore everything:  art, music, politics, food, people, travel, and any experience I can get into (dangerously or otherwise). I practice yoga, mindfulness, and am generally interested in spiritual paths, especially ones that have aided my own recovery. I will be launching and hosting my own podcast called About Face (summer of 2017), focused on stories of personal transformation and healing.

For more information or to contact me about my work and writing, you can reach  me at waywardbetty@gmail.com.



7 thoughts on “About ME

  1. Ms. Clark,

    I am a reporter and I’m interested in getting in touch with you to discuss some of your experiences. Please let me know if this is possible.

  2. Found you via The Daily in their first published issue today. The WOLF will be following your adventures. Christmas eve got my attention! Looking forward to the follow up.

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